The US investigative agency FBI raided the former president’s luxurious Palm House and resort Mar-a-Ligo late Monday night (early Tuesday in India). According to media reports, many FBI agents have surrounded Trump’s house and searches are being done. Donald Trump himself has confirmed this raid. On the other hand, Trump says that he is stopping me from contesting the election.

Trump said, ‘My beautiful home in Palm Beach in Florida, Mar-a-Lego, has been taken over by the FBI. Search is going on here. FBI agents are here.”

When the media asked the FBI spokesperson questions about this, he refused to say anything.

Trump said, this is a dark time for our country
This has never happened to the President of America before. Such action is being taken despite cooperation with the investigating agencies. It is like misusing the judicial system as a weapon. This is an attack from the staunch Left Democrats. They don’t want me to contest 2024 elections.

Two Trump close friends told the New York Times that this raid was done without any notice. According to reports, Trump himself was not there when FBI agents raided Mar-a-Ligo. It is said that he is currently in New Jersey. Here he has gone in connection with a case. A few days ago, a parliamentary committee investigating the January 6 violence against Trump said that the FBI should speed up the investigation against him.

Trump accused of carrying important documents from White House

According to reports, when Trump left the White House last year, he took many documents with him. However, so far there has been no confirmation of this allegation by the FBI. These documents are said to have been taken to Mar-a-Ligo in several large boxes. Since then, US intelligence agencies have been keeping an eye on Trump and his close associates. This raid is also being seen in connection with these.

Documents used to flush the toilet
A few months ago, Trump was accused of tearing and flushing official documents while in office. Trump flushed so many papers that because of this the toilet of the White House was clogged. The National Archive wants the former president’s habit of tearing papers to be investigated among other matters.

New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman gave information on this matter in her book ‘Confidence Man’. According to the book, White House staff noticed that the toilet was clogged because of the paper. After which it was assumed that Trump flushed the documents.

Trump wants to contest election
Trump has made it clear on several occasions that he wants to contest the presidential election once again. The special thing is that there is no other leader of his stature to challenge him in his Republican Party. However, he also has serious charges against him in the violence that took place on January 6 last year and has also faced impeachment.

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