In an unprecedented move, the Pakistan Army is taking over approximately one million acres of land to venture into agriculture. With the country grappling with food security issues, the army, often seen as both the protector and ruler of the nation, is now donning the hat of a farmer. This move, a marked departure from its traditional mandates, signifies the army’s tightening grip over various aspects of the country’s socio-economic fabric body. But now, it is set to add another feather to its cap – that of a farmer. Yes, you read it right! According to a recent report, the Pakistan army is planning to take over nearly one million


In an unprecedented move, the Pakistan military aims to cultivate the vast swathe of land in order to boost the country’s agricultural sector, which has been grappling with severe challenges, including climate change, water scarcity, and outdated farming practices. This move is expected to revolutionize the agricultural landscape of the countryAs per the available data, agriculture contributes about 19.3% to Pakistan’s GDP and provides employment to 42.3% of its workforce. However, the sector has been witnessing a steady decline over the years due to various reasons, and the army’s intervention is seen as a desperate measure to revive it



This move by the army to take over agricultural lands is an interesting development. It remains to be seen how it plays out in the long run,” says Dr. Abdul Qayyum, an agriculture expert based in Islamabad However, this decision has been met with a mixed response. While some see it as a much-needed step to boost agricultural productivity, others fear that it could lead to the militarization of the farming sector and jeopardize the livelihood of small and marginal farmers The land acquisition by the Pakistan army could potentially have implications for India as well. The move could lead to an increase in the production of certain crops, thereby affecting the regional market dynamics.


The Pakistan army’s decision to get into farming could potentially alter the agricultural dynamics in the region. However, it’s too early to predict its exact impact on India,” opines Dr. Ramesh Chand, a renowned agriculture expert based in IndiaIn conclusion, the Pakistan army’s move to take over agricultural land is a significant development that could reshape the country’s agricultural sector. However, its impact, both domestically and regionally, would largely depend


The fact that the army, which has significant influence over politics and foreign policy of the country, now intends to mark its presence in the agricultural sector has triggered concernsAccording to the report, the army will acquire up to 1 million acres, or 405,000 hectares, of land in eastern Punjab province, which is three times the size of Delhi or about 5,500 times of Beijing’s Forbidden CityThe land is purportedly in the

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