The terrifying video of the whale jumping out left many people stunned. Watch the video here.
A shocking video of a man’s close encounter with a whale in the ocean has taken social media by storm. This video was shared by US angler Zack Piller. Since being posted, it has gone crazy viral on social media. mention in the first para itself that it is an old video

The video shows Piller on a boat. As he is trying to catch some fish, there’s a sudden movement in the water. Within seconds, a massive whale jumps out and leaves everyone shocked.

In the caption of the post, Piller wrote, “Epic whale footage. Hitting the side of our boat.”

This video was shared last year in October. Now, it is doing the rounds on the Internet again. The video has received more than two lakh views. It also has over 25,000 An individual wrote, “The very subtle ‘uh oh’ before seeing the whale is wild.”

A second commented, “Can’t stop watching this! My husband and son had this exact same thing happen to them last week. Makes me laugh so much ‘Fish on!’ Dad’s reeling in the bass. Best video of the decade, thank you!”

A third said, “Your reaction is gold, an amazing moment captured with a whale.”

“Once in a lifetime. Truly amazing. Right time, right place. Congrats on this wonderful video,” posted a fourth.likes and various comments. Many people expressed how incredible the video was in the comments section of the post.

A fifth added, “This is incredible. I have watched it over and over— how amazing that you caught this on video!”

A sixth shared, “Incredible video. The excitement of Zach was hilarious. Happy dad didn’t lose his fish. Love this capture.”

A seventh wrote, “This is epic! We are in Sea Girt and saw a few whales and many dolphins that week. What an experience for you and dad! He must have been in shock! Happy for you both to have experienced this!”

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