Yashraj Mukhate, who has made a name for himself for turning viral content into hummable songs, has collaborated with Virat Kohli and come up with a song to cheer for India in the upcoming ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.

Mukhate shared the video, which is an ad for a chips brand called Too Yumm, on Instagram on Tuesday. The video begins with some banter between the duo as Mukhate comes to meet Kohli. Kohli asks him not to call him “sir” or Mr Kohli. He then jokingly says how come he has fans and asks him who he is.

Mukhate then introduces himself and asks Kohli if the cricketer had heard his name and his song that went viral, “Rasode Mein Koun Tha”. Kohli feigns ignorance and asks him if his social media following is more than his and if he is “showing him attitude”. However, the cricketer says he is just kidding. He then asks Mukhate to play the jingle he has created. The catchy song has the lyrics “India cup layega (India will bring the cup).”

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