Amazon founder Jeff Bezos‘s space company Blue Origin sent six people to space on Thursday for space tourism. The company’s New Shepard spacecraft took off from Launch Site One in Texas. This spacecraft took the passengers 107 km above the earth and then from there people came back to earth through parachute.

This space mission took only 10 minutes 20 seconds. During this time the maximum speed of the spacecraft was 2,239 mph, i.e. 3,603 kilometers per hour.


Blue Origin set record

With this flight, Blue Origin has also set a new world record. For the first time, people of Egypt and Portugal became a part of space tourism. Engineer Sara Sabri became the first Egyptian and businessman Mario Ferreira became the first Portuguese to go into space.

The space trip also included Cobie Cotton, co-founder of YouTube channel Dude Perfect, British-American mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien, technology leader Clint Kelly Third and telecommunications executive Steve Young.

This is how space travel

The New Shepard spacecraft consists of a rocket and a capsule. The capsule lifts off from the rocket. After this, the time taken for the capsule to land on the earth is 10-11 minutes. Astronauts feel light for some time during this.

The rocket lands a few minutes before the capsule lands via parachute. The special thing is that both of them are re-usable, that is, they can be used again. This rocket works like SpaceX’s Falcon 9 orbital rocket.

A ticket worth about 10 crores

According to a Quartz report, a ticket for Blue Origin’s spacecraft costs $1.25 million, or Rs 9,89,73,750. That’s more than the ticket price for Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic.

Mission started last year

Blue Origin has so far made people travel to space 6 times. In this way, the company has made 31 people travel to space so far. Blue Origin started this mission in July last year by sending three people, including Bezos, to space.

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