The Atlantic Ocean, the world’s second largest sea, consists of several small vertical holes in the bottom located at a depth of about 2.57 km. These holes remain an enigma for scientists. Such holes were first found on the surface of the ocean in about 18 years. Now such holes have been found in the sea level in the area adjoining the Volcanic mountain.

Scientists are trying to find out how these holes formed. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), scientists spotted holes in the mid-Atlantic ocean floor on July 23. These holes are about 4 inches.

hole pattern extending up to 10 km

This area is near the mainland of Portugal. Such holes were also found in the ocean floor of the Azores region, adjacent to Portugal. Here three tectonic plates are adjacent to each other in the ocean floor. These patterns of holes extend up to 10 km.

A social media post from NOAA’s Ocean Exploration Project said, “The hole’s origin has stunned scientists. The piles of sediments around them suggest that the holes are deep enough.’

Khezi expedition of marine scientists

NOAA spokeswoman Emily Crum said such holes were found in the ocean floor about two decades ago during a search operation by marine scientists 45 km from the current location. Since then research is being done about their origin, but this puzzle remains unsolved.

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