Hamida Bano went missing 20 years ago. Even after making lakhs of traces of the family members, they could not be traced. Suddenly one day Hamda appeared in a video through social media and came to know that she is in Pakistan.

In fact, in the year 2002, Hamida left India on the assurance of a recruitment agent that she would get a job as a cook in Dubai. Hamida says that she was cheated in the name of getting a job and she was taken to Pakistan.

Hamida’s family lives in Mumbai. In an interview, his family members have told that they were trying to find Hamida for the last 20 years. On the other hand, Hamida was also unable to return to India due to lack of money and local information, nor was she able to contact her family members. But still, he did not give up hope of meeting his children.

The name and address of the children living in Mumbai told in the video

When Pakistani social activist Waliullah Maroof heard Hamida’s story, he interviewed her and put it on social media. This video was shared by a social worker named Khaflan Sheikh, who lives in Mumbai, after which the video reached Hamida’s family. Both these people also interacted with Bano and his daughter through video call.

In the video call, Hamida spoke to her daughter Yasmin Sheikh, she told her daughter, ‘How did I go through all this, what should I tell about it, I miss you all a lot. I was not living here of my own volition, I had no other option than this.”

Hamida Bano told her story in the interview

In an interview given to Maroof, Hamida told her full story. She told that after the death of her husband, she was alone taking care of her children. He also worked as a cook in Doha, Qatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Hamida tells that in the year 2002, she had approached a recruitment agent to get a job in Dubai, for which that agent had also charged 20 thousand rupees from Hamida. Bano said that instead of being brought to Dubai by the agent, he was brought to the city of Hyderabad in Pakistan, where he was held captive for three months.

She told that when she was released from captivity, she married a man living in Karachi. At present, Hamida lives with her stepson. At the same time, Hamida’s daughter Yasmin told that she made several attempts to find her mother through the agent, but she said that her mother does not want to talk to her anymore and after a while that agent also disappeared.

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