It is going to be very difficult to screw the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan with the army. Khan’s closest friend and Chief of Staff Shahbaz Gill was arrested on Tuesday. Gill had called the mighty army a traitor in a TV show on Monday. At the time of his arrest, Gill was on his way to Imran’s house Banigala in a luxury car.

Gill’s car was stopped by the police. When he did not open the gate, the police broke his glass with a rifle and then pulled him out by opening the lock from the window. There are 67 policemen stationed outside Imran’s house. It is believed that Khan can also be arrested at any time.

Shahbaz will reveal the secrets of Imran
Shahbaz Gill is not only Imran’s chief of staff, but also a close friend and mentor. Apart from Pakistan, he also has American citizenship. His statements are sometimes so absurd that the media beeps them.

He had made very poor rhetoric about the Pakistani army and judiciary in the past. This angered the army and the government. The way he has been arrested, after that it is believed that intelligence agencies will question him strictly. During this, he can reveal many secrets related to Imran. There is also a case related to some of Khan’s videos.

Telecast of big TV channel also stopped
Journalist Imran Riyaz Khan, Imran’s name and supporter, has also been arrested. He was associated with ARY news channel. Along with this, the broadcast of ARY news channel has been stopped in other cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. It is one of the biggest news channels in Pakistan and openly supports Imran’s party PTI.

Condemning the arrest of his comrades, former PM Imran asked- Can such a shameful act happen in a democracy? This is kidnapping, not arrest. Political workers are being treated like enemies.

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