Out of 12 Jyotirlingas across the country, 2 are situated in Omkareshwar and Mahakaleshwar in Madhya Pradesh. Let us show you such a Shivling of the state on the last Monday of the month of Shravan, about which you have hardly heard before.

This Shivling is situated on the hill of Dongargaon situated in Barghati of Bhopal-Jabalpur Highway. It has also been named ‘Dongareshwar Mahadev’ after the name of the village. This self-styled Shivling is situated in a 40 feet deep cave on a 3 km high hill. The story of its going public is also interesting.

Maa Narmada flows in the shape of Om at a distance of 3 km from the cave. Local people claim that the other end of the cave originates on the bank of the river. Due to the lack of oxygen and danger inside the cave due to deepening, till date no one has been able to go beyond 60 feet.

‘Our journey started from Jabalpur. After covering a distance of 80 km, we reached the forest of Barghati. A hand pump has been installed on the Jabalpur-Bhopal four lane. This is where the climb to the cave begins. After crossing a steep climb of about 3 km and inaccessible path, one reached the cave. Dongargaon residents Dhan Singh Burman, Shobharam Patel and Manoj Sharma became our companions in this journey. The mouth of this cave was visible on a high mound.

The passage to the cave is about three to four feet wide and sloping. Darkness inside. A large number of bats came out in the cave with the help of torch light. It reached about 40 feet deep inside. Shivling was seen here. It was formed naturally but this mysterious cave and Shivling became public in 2010.


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